Great day to go for a walk

Today I went on a two and a half hour walk around my town scouting out things to blog about. Unfortunately, this being the "off season" in Emerald Isle, there's not much going on. Business owners tend to limit their hours of operation, to spend quality time with family, shop for the holiday, and to just recover from the caos of the spring to fall "high season". It was really nice viewing my beautiful town at a slower pace. I had the opportunity to actually have casual conversations with year round residents, watch the squirrels and other small animals scamper about, and forage for food, and just enjoy the peace and tranquility. I did manage to visit Cedar Street Park, one of the town parks that has sound access. Unfortunately, the town has not rebuilt the dock at this location, and you can no longer fish, or crab here. I also visited Island Harbor Marina located at the end of Old Ferry Rd. with direct access to Bogue Sound. Construction of this area is coming along nicely. I think they may have more boat slips available now, than they had pre Hurricane Ophelia mid September. I did take digital pictures, but I have not uploaded them as of yet.

After returning home from my walk, of coarse I had to to check email, and news off of my front page... There was a very interesting article about a news site:
Happy News I get a little disgusted with all the bad news, it was nice to find a news site with a more positive slant. while surfing the happy news site, I ran across this article. I really like the Alternative Gifts International idea. Please use this I Give link to shop. Up to 26% of your purchases are given to Alternative Gifts International.

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