Yay! I Passed My Second Test For The CNA 2 Class. ---> 98%! Score!!!!!

Today, Mrs. Bell, my class instructor, gave us the review for the second test. She gave us the option of having the weekend to study, and testing on Monday, or to take the test immediately following the review. I chose to take the test. The material was still fresh in my mind, so why give myself four days to forget it?! I'm so happy, the first class test I only scored a 86%. I still have a 92% average. The certification is only pass or fail (score for each test can not be below a 75%) but my goal is always to maintain an A average. Now I can enjoy my long weekend, without stressing myself out. I've still got one more test, the "State Final Exam". We're scheduled to take that Thursday, June 15th. I'm hoping to score 100%!

Mrs. Marion Bell, if you ever read this, thank you so much for the knowledge and patient care skills you have so generously given me and my classmates. I feel that I will be a much better nurse because of it. You are definitely a great role model, and the nursing profession has been influenced, in a positive way by the example you set. I also thank you for your confidence in me and encouragement to continue my education. I'm going to make it, and you have a lot to do with my modified timeline. :) Posted by Picasa