Searching for thrift store blogs

Well, this afternoon, I've spent several hours at QuackTrack trying to find people who blog about thrift store shopping, or people who run/operate thrift stores. there were a few blogs I really enjoyed reading. The only thing that concerns me, is that the ones I like, haven't been updated recently. Not that I post as frequently as I should, but I would like to see Thrift Store Shopping as a BlogShares industry. I also decided to either call, or email the people who have blogged about thrift stores. If there are any fellow bloggers out there, who have friends or associates interested in blogging about thrift stores please leave a comment on this entry. I would really like to see the idea of thrift store shopping get the recognition it deserves. Have a great day!


Is anyone out there and reading this?

Maybe it's just me, but some times I wonder why bother posting if no one reads this. Maybe it's just because it's Monday. I'm feeling a little blah, and a little restless right now, and maybe I just need to focus on where my professional life is going. I'm not sure what the next step is. Do I go back to school and go for my real estate salesman license? Or do I commit to the whole 4 year college thing and work towards getting a degree? If I work towards a degree, what do I focus on? Yikes! Decisions, decisions, decisions.... Well that's all for now. I'm open to suggestions, and other opinions, so don't be affraid to leave feedback. I'm hoping have a clear moment, and make a change to increase my marketable skills, education, and salary within the near future.