Food For thought and A Lesson On Relativity

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.
Albert Einstein


Tina Fay Nailed It!!!

Okay, had to post this one... It's spooky how well Tina pulled off playing Palin. I loved it!


Star Wars Stars

Okay, I had to embed this video, so as to never lose the link! Also wanted to get my family interested in reading my blog again. ;) I know that my sister and brother-in-law are both Star Wars fans. I can remember when my sister was just a little girl (4ish), helping her get ready for the day, I'd say, "How do you want to wear your hair today, Sheryl?" She would usually say, "In Princess Leia braids, Sissy!" Time sure does fly. Sheryl is now grown woman, with a wonderful son, and she is expecting her second child in December. (There is no doubt in my mind that she'll have a beautiful baby girl, with extremely curly hair, and she'll be a handful, just like her Aunt Tiffiney!). Sorry Sheryl, it's not a curse, but a blessing. :D Just think of all the years of fun ahead keeping up with her! :P
I hope you enjoyed the video :)


Just set up a new "Micro Blog"

Thanks to rantz (twenty-threes) for messaging The Bar Corp. about a new microblog, called Plurk. I don't update any of my blogs as often as I would like, but the new Plurk really appeals to me. I guess we'll see how it goes, not sure if it will be just one more blog to neglect or not :D


Dinner at "Thai House Restaurant"

Tonight, Dave and I spent a few hours furniture shopping, and then dinner at Thai House Restaurant in Jacksonville, NC. Yum-O! I got Gai Pu Khao, and Dave got Mai Tai

Gai Pu Khao - Volcano Chicken. This is just a recipe I found online, not the one used by the restaurant!
I'm unable to locate a recipe for Dave's dish, but essentially it was scallops, shrimp and chicken with assorted veggies in a red curry sauce.
Both dishes were fabulous, it was the second time I've eaten at Thai House, third and forth dish I've tried there total. I've loved every one of them.
I wish there was an Asian market closer to our house. The closest one is over 20 miles away. I miss being able to get specialty products not carried at the American grocery stores. I also want to spend more time cooking different Asian styles. I love Chinese and Japanese cooking, but Thai is probably our favorite right now. The combination of curry, lemon grass, coconut milk and peanut is so very pleasing to our pallets. I'll try and add a few more recipes that Dave and I enjoy, eisier to archive favorites that way ;)


Another Music Video

Okay, I seem to have embedded videos more often than not, but how cool is this one? I really love Tina Turner's voice, and her energy! I deeply respect any artist that calls on of their dedicated fans on stage. Donovan, her #1 fan at the time, was called up on stage to preform with Tina and her backup during his 17th show! He certainly had the routine down pat :)... I hope you watch this video for yourself!


Multilingual Bible Scripture Translator

I found a new site for bible reference. It has quite a few translations in many different languages, and different versions of the bible (NIV, KJV, GWT, etc...). I like having a parallel version for reference, saves me from pulling out my New Scofield Study Bible (1967 edition), getting distracted and spending a few extra hours researching things that I didn't initially set out to research! My dad gets worked up when I talk about translations other than the KJV mainly because of facts such as this.

Cameo- Why Have I Lost You Video

Wow! This is my all time favorite Cameo song! It originally appeared on their second album in 1978: We All Know Who We Are.

For more info on Cameo, please visit:
Cameo's Wiki Page


I'm the Pepsi Generation!

Just happened to run across the commercial that made me a proud Pepsi drinker!

Next, check out the Breakin' and Poppin' infomercial! I definitley would have had to have this!!!! Who didn't want to break like Alfonso Ribeiro!!!

Feeling Kinda Blah....

I don't feel real well today, so I've slept, relaxed, watched a few movies, and surfed You Tube.... I actually laughed when I came across the comedian in the video below. Enjoy!!