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Update: My Voter Registration Concers Have Been Adressed! Thank You Ms. Lindy R. Lewis, Director (Cartertet County Board Of Elections)

I was shocked when I checked my email, and had a response to an email to the BOE in only two hours! Ms. Lindy R. Lewis, The Director of the County Board of Elections responded personally, and my name should be straightened out shortly. I will post the events as they happen!!! Kudos to democracy!

Which Political Party Are They Affiliated With (North Carolina) !?!

If you live in North Carolina, or were wondering about political affiliation of your: self, friend, boss, neighbor, teacher, student, religious leader etc. you can find out here. Make sure and change the boxes to the right of the first/last name to either search for exact or partial name. for instance, if you're not sure if the person might be registered as Jim or James Doe, search for J Doe and change the first name box to >begins with. Make sure to narrow your search by county if you know which to choose.

This site has been a great tool for me also to verify that my own info is displayed correctly, which it is not, and I'm not too happy about that right now. I did my legal name change in December of 2005, renewed my driver's license, and was asked by the DMV officer if I wanted to keep my political affiliation the same, I responded yes, so that should have been it, right? Wrong! I went to vote in the primaries
5/02/2006 and of course they had to find me by my maiden name! While I was there, I filled out a new voter registation card with my married, and legal name. Here it is a month later and they STILL have my registration as Tiffiney Paar! I wrote them at their website email address today, to try one more time before getting angry, and I hope to have this matter resolved shortly.


What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I just took this survey, I think it's fairly accurate, give it a shot, and see what you think :)

Your Linguistic Profile::
60% General American English
15% Dixie
15% Yankee
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern


Beutiful Day On The Beach In Emerald Isle, NC

Wow! I just spent an incredible two hours at the beach. Beutiful azure water, not too rough, and not too cold! Dave and I turned the A/C on for the first time this season, and wouldn't you know, it didn't work! Since it was a bit hot and muggy (83 degrees F and 60+ % Humidity)I decided to finish up my homework at the beach. Normally, I don't swim in the ocean until late June, early July, I was surprised to find the water temperatue so increadibly warm, I had to swim! I'm looking forward to a long summer, swimming and playing at the beach full time! :)


Ten Most Common Concerns About Cannabis

I've been doing a little research for a friend who may or may not be pregnant, and is a recreational marijuana smoker, and I came acrossMedical Cannibis. The article that really interested me was this study done by Melanie C. Dreher, PhD. According to Dr. Dreher, research showed that children born to mothers who smoked, classified as light users 1 to 10 spliffs a week experienced no differences at all.

"No Differences at All."

When they controlled for the household ratings, Dreher recounted April 8 at the Patients Out of Time Conference in Santa Barbara, her team "found absolutely no differences" between the children whose mothers were non-users and the children from the three groups of users. "No differences at all."


Okay, the one thing I would like to clarified is, as an American citizen, born in 1970,I know for a fact that you have to be very careful in choosing a supplier of marijuana. There are individuals out there that use insecticides, and other additives to the herb to intensify the effects of the high, but may also prove to be toxic! All I'm saying is , be aware that there may be other chemicals present in that bag you picked up so cheap! You will find more often than not, if it seems like the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. The demand for marijuana is at least as high as the supply rate, so, I would be mighty suspicious of that "great deal".

Okay, as always, I welcome comments in agreement, or debate....