Where does the time go?

I can't believe how quickly time has sped by since Christmas. Seems like 2 weeks ago! I'm still enjoying going back to school, and I'm learning a lot. I'll be finished with the CNA 1 class April 12th, and will have a graduating ceremony on the 13th. I think it will be only a matter of one to two weeks between classes, and then I'll start working on the CNA 2 certification. I haven't had a class that I didn't learn something, and that really makes me happy. I have a wonderful instructor, and am fortunate to be in a class with women who are very outgoing/outspoken, and they ask some really great questions, so we get more info than just the textbook offers. Of course, my very favorite class mate sits directly to my left. She is Japanese and has been in the US for 10 years. She has had to learn to speak English as an adult. She studies very hard using an English to Japanese translator for a lot of words, but on tests and exams always scores at least 4 points higher than me on tests! I'm not complaining, my average test score is 95.5 so that's great, but I wish I had the drive to get stellar grades like my Asian friends.

My best friend since the fourth grade, Ly always got better grades too! She studied harder I guess, and she is super smart too! Ly is now a Nurse, and has been one of the driving forces for me to apply myself, and decide to It seems that I'm finally trying to get the very best grades possible. It finally matters to me that I need a great test scores, for a great recommendation to get into Nursing school.

Where does the time go... Time for sleep!