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Yeah! We got our first snow in '04 last night

Last night we got about an inch of snow. I always love the prospect of snow for Christmas. Of course Christmas Eve, The Weather Channel is calling for a high temp of 72°F!!! I love living at the beach. Check out the link at right to Island Dave's View for pics of snow, here in Emerald Isle, NC (taken in Jan. 2003). That is a sight I will not soon forget!

I hope all of my readers are safe and warm drinking hot cocoa, coffee tea, or other hot beverage of their choice right now! Maybe kicked back, reading a book,
Google-ing, QuackTtack-ing or at least enjoying some form of relaxation.


Searching for thrift store blogs

Well, this afternoon, I've spent several hours at QuackTrack trying to find people who blog about thrift store shopping, or people who run/operate thrift stores. there were a few blogs I really enjoyed reading. The only thing that concerns me, is that the ones I like, haven't been updated recently. Not that I post as frequently as I should, but I would like to see Thrift Store Shopping as a BlogShares industry. I also decided to either call, or email the people who have blogged about thrift stores. If there are any fellow bloggers out there, who have friends or associates interested in blogging about thrift stores please leave a comment on this entry. I would really like to see the idea of thrift store shopping get the recognition it deserves. Have a great day!


Is anyone out there and reading this?

Maybe it's just me, but some times I wonder why bother posting if no one reads this. Maybe it's just because it's Monday. I'm feeling a little blah, and a little restless right now, and maybe I just need to focus on where my professional life is going. I'm not sure what the next step is. Do I go back to school and go for my real estate salesman license? Or do I commit to the whole 4 year college thing and work towards getting a degree? If I work towards a degree, what do I focus on? Yikes! Decisions, decisions, decisions.... Well that's all for now. I'm open to suggestions, and other opinions, so don't be affraid to leave feedback. I'm hoping have a clear moment, and make a change to increase my marketable skills, education, and salary within the near future.


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Good News Today

Well, last night Dave and I were able to reach our land lord, and agreed upon the terms to purchase our place. Yeah! No more paying rent. My father generously offered to help us straight out buy, as a wedding gift. So Dad, if you ever happen to read this post, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. One of the most strenuous parts of a new marraige, are the morgage on the house. I am so happy that home hunting is not a major issue right now.
Today was a perfect day to have off from work. Clear, cool (50 degrees or so), and just a slight breeze. I was able to clean out and detail the car, and a little bit of house work, I even had plenty of time to get my nails manicured, and pick up pizza from MichaelAngelo's too!


I love this time of year

Today, I noticed a few things that remind me how much I love fall. A neighboring business have had Chiristmas Cactus' in their front window for several months now, and today they are blooming! Another thing I noticed was that a lot of people today think we may have our first freeze tonight, so they have covered their palm trees with blankets. In coastal NC, we normally get our first overnight freeze in early December, at least, that's how I remember it. Time seems to go faster and faster. My mother warned me it would happen. I hope we're fortunate to get a good snow this winter, like we had 2 years ago, because there's nothing like snow at the beach!


I Hate Working On My Car!!!

Today started well enough. Woke up, felt great, and anticipated doing a little auto maintenance. Yesterday, when my beautiful 1985 Subaru (with 487,000 miles on it!) wouldn't start, I decided to pull the battery and alternator, and have them both tested at the local auto part store. Both failed their tests and had to be replaced. No problem.... It took about 15 minutes to pull both parts OFF the car, so it should only take a few minutes to replace both today, right? Wrong answer!!! 3 hours later, after replacing both battery and alternator and the cable connectors that attach to the battery, the damn thing still won't start!!! I've had it, I will never work on the car again, I'd rather pay the mechanic his 60 bucks an hour to do it for me... In fact he probably under charges me!!! The next time you take your car into the shop for your mechanic to break his or her back from leaning over the engine and busting his or her knuckles trying to get to that one stubborn bolt, be kind to him or her.... and be thankful it's not you. I have never wanted to break something so much!!! If there are any mechanics that happen to read this post, thank you for all you do to make peoples lives less stressful and hectic.


Not a Great Day For Democrats

Well, today started off okay until I got to work. 2 hours into my shift, I got a childish phone call from an old co-worker that just HAD to scream in my ear about the republican victory taking over the white house, house and senate. Of course I hung up on her! You know, it's okay to celebrate with your political party, but it's NOT okay to rub it in with the hahaha!.. in your face schoolyard brat.. beligerant attitude. I just had to get that off my chest and also to say... Holley.... YOU SUCK!!!!

Still waiting on election results...

Dave and I have been watching the election results for the last 9 hours. I'm not surprised that the presidential race is so close. Will Ohio turn toward the Democrats or towards the Republicans? I have a feeling that it will be several days before they delcare Ohio one way or the other. After what happened in 2000, they don't seem to want to err in representing the people again. Well, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, so I'll blog more later.


Election Day 2004

Dave and I slept in today. We want to make sure and catch all the news on the presidential race throughout the night. It should be fun monitoring various news sources, including all news networks (except those right-leaners Fox!). I just hope Comedy Central does a web update on their coverage of the election, since we will be unable to view it! Well time to go vote...


days off are bliss

Dave and I have now had a complete day off together, and it was great doing nothing we had to do, but only what we felt like doing.... investing in our Blog $hares Portfolio.... what can I say..... I B$ ing :) Now that I've made a little cash, I'll spend more time in the irc chat room #blogshares .
Or even posting in the forums more.

Wedding pic's

I know it's been a long time in posting. I actually had these pics processed 10.3.04. I must say, I love married life. I didn't realize what a difference it would make by saying those two magical words "I Do"......
My heart is so full of joy. I know that most people only dream about finding true love. I think I'll go and kiss my husband..... :)

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My Cats think Blog$hares Rocks!!!!

Apparently, the only word our three cats (Duke, Einstein and Merry Jayne can spell Is Blog$hares!!!).
I've been busy planning the most important day of my life, the day I marry the love of my life, Island Dave. Most people talk about the pre wedding jitters, which I don't understand. If you have got jitters, WAIT!!!!! You'll know when it's right.
I still have quite a few loose ends to tie up, finding someone to run the shuttles to make sure everyone unable to park at the beach house, arrive on time, but it's all good. I mean, how could it possibly be more perfect? At 4:00 in the afternoon on September 25th I marry my best friend, of all places, on the beach, surrounded by people we love. Then it's off to the mountains for a week. I can't wait!!!!

the cats say that B$ is addictive, and they have now caught the fever by watching their papa and myself turn our B$500 into a small fortune!!!
So, if you haven't checked out BlogShares yet, what are you waiting for!?!
Island Tiffiney ( and the three spoiled monsters Duke, Einstein and Merry Jayne:)


Books our Cats: Duke, Einstein, and Merry Jayne would write if they felt inclined to contribute to the household income!

Books that would be written by our cats:
Train Your Human! Give them the "Talk To The Butt!".
By: Duke, Einstein, and Merry Jayne.
Review: I used these secret methods, and it were as if I were human, extending my middle finger for the whole world to see!
Signed ---An Anonymous House Cat---
Come back often to see the current book title and ideas, as they are presented by our feline friends.

It's A Beautiful Day To Live At The Beach

Today has been a wonderful morning. I woke up, gave Dave a kiss, and decided to make coffee and waffles to enjoy sitting outside on the screened porch.
 I love living in my idea of paradise. I have traveled the world, but IMHO, I live in the most beautiful place in our wonderful, free country. I love the fact that I have the right to choose at what time to wake up, and go to sleep each day. I love the local community, that in times of crisis or need; is always willing to give generously, whether time or money, to help those less fortunate. I'm not sure how neighborly traditions have lasted so long, but I sure am glad to have made Emerald Isle, NC my home.


Singing For Their Supper

I'ts amazing how well animals can train us... Our cat Einstein, knows how to sing for his supper. Nightly beginning at about 11pm, Einstein begins this pathetic whining that says, "I'm weak from hunger, and so cute and sweet... Won't you give me canned food?!". (actually, the cats know the canned food as "Special Kitty". (Wal Mart's name for their canned cat food).  When Einstein got a bit on the chunky side, we weaned all three cats off of the canned food, and only fed them dry. That was about 2 months ago. Last week however, Dave and I purchased a dry food that Einstein has repeatedly protested to eating, so yesterday, we broke down, and gave him a special treat, "Special Kitty"! Now the singing and begging has started all over again. As long as the animals are happy, harmony is the normal balance in our house :)


First Things First

My name is Tiffiney. My Boyfriend Dave and I live in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We are the proud parents of three cats ; Duke, Einstein, and Merry Jayne. They offer us great joy, the best in companionship, and entertainment outside of our personal relationship with each other.