Finally Put Up The Christmas Tree

It's been a really nice day. Dave and I slept in until around 11 a.m. We only had one house to clean, and the guests were very clean and considerate, so, the house that usually takes us 1.5 to 2 hours to clean, took only about 45 minutes. I even took a three hour nap!

I was so energized after a day or relaxing, I finally moved the Christmas boxes into the house, and put up the tree. It came out really nice. Since there aren't any little ones running around, Dave and I decided to put up a little three foot table top tree.
Nice tree top, don't you think!?! Santa rinding a white reindeer!

In other news TurkWatch is making progress, and adding information. Check out their About page here. Join TurkWatch on their IRC channel stop in and say hello, or ask a question if you like.


TurkWatch Is Up And Running

For those of you who are into Amazon's Mechanical Turking, be sure to bookmark TurkWatch. It will offer advice and suggestions complete with message boards. You'll be able to sort through fact and fiction, know what works and what doesn't. Increase your speed and productivity. Share MTurk knowledge, news, and experiences with experienced turkers. The site went on line in the wee hours of the morning (Dec. 16th, 2005), so check back often to see what's new and being discussed. Feel free to join, and share your own Turk experiences; communication, and participation are what it's all about!

Good luck, and Happy Turking to ya!


I'm back from work and troubled tonight

Yesterday as I was parusing BlogShares, I saw an interesting link under the BlogShares Sponsers intitled: Meet Your Meat Warning!!! This Link Is Graphic In Nature, and NOT recommended for the young, or faint hearted!!!...

I had nightmares last night after watching the video. I wish I didn't love eating meat so much. I'm going to try to cut it out of my diet. See.... It's not that I have a problem with eating meat, it's the way that the livestock are treated to reap the slab of meat on our dinner tables. I've heard about the videos that expose the dastardly treatment of the animals, but before yesterday, I've never actually seen one! I don't know about giving up dairy though. I can probably do without the meat, but the milk, eggs and cheese will be really tough to give up.I guess I could switch to the soy products. Until we stand up and thwart the demand, the abuse will continue.

I can already hear the abusers now "If we spend the extra money for anesthetics, the cost to the consumer will skyrocket"!
I'd be willing to pay the extra money for ethical and humane treatment, I'd just eat less meat. If you are prepared for a sad documentary, please click on the above link, if not, just know that it's not alright.

I'm going to attempt to get some Zzzzz's..........


Definitely feeling more fit

Today I went on anouther hour walk. I could do without all the airplane noise coming from Bogue Air Field. I respect the fact that there is a need to practice maneuvers, take offs, landings and touch and goes, but the noise from the Harriers can be a bit much. Here's a link to some historical facts on Bogue Airfield.

Well, time to go to work.


Great day to go for a walk

Today I went on a two and a half hour walk around my town scouting out things to blog about. Unfortunately, this being the "off season" in Emerald Isle, there's not much going on. Business owners tend to limit their hours of operation, to spend quality time with family, shop for the holiday, and to just recover from the caos of the spring to fall "high season". It was really nice viewing my beautiful town at a slower pace. I had the opportunity to actually have casual conversations with year round residents, watch the squirrels and other small animals scamper about, and forage for food, and just enjoy the peace and tranquility. I did manage to visit Cedar Street Park, one of the town parks that has sound access. Unfortunately, the town has not rebuilt the dock at this location, and you can no longer fish, or crab here. I also visited Island Harbor Marina located at the end of Old Ferry Rd. with direct access to Bogue Sound. Construction of this area is coming along nicely. I think they may have more boat slips available now, than they had pre Hurricane Ophelia mid September. I did take digital pictures, but I have not uploaded them as of yet.

After returning home from my walk, of coarse I had to to check email, and news off of my front page... There was a very interesting article about a news site:
Happy News I get a little disgusted with all the bad news, it was nice to find a news site with a more positive slant. while surfing the happy news site, I ran across this article. I really like the Alternative Gifts International idea. Please use this I Give link to shop. Up to 26% of your purchases are given to Alternative Gifts International.