Finally Put Up The Christmas Tree

It's been a really nice day. Dave and I slept in until around 11 a.m. We only had one house to clean, and the guests were very clean and considerate, so, the house that usually takes us 1.5 to 2 hours to clean, took only about 45 minutes. I even took a three hour nap!

I was so energized after a day or relaxing, I finally moved the Christmas boxes into the house, and put up the tree. It came out really nice. Since there aren't any little ones running around, Dave and I decided to put up a little three foot table top tree.
Nice tree top, don't you think!?! Santa rinding a white reindeer!

In other news TurkWatch is making progress, and adding information. Check out their About page here. Join TurkWatch on their IRC channel stop in and say hello, or ask a question if you like.

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Island Tiffiney said...

Jeez, I just realized, the tree looks crooked! it's not, I guess it was the angle of the camera person (me!) :)