I'm back from work and troubled tonight

Yesterday as I was parusing BlogShares, I saw an interesting link under the BlogShares Sponsers intitled: Meet Your Meat Warning!!! This Link Is Graphic In Nature, and NOT recommended for the young, or faint hearted!!!...

I had nightmares last night after watching the video. I wish I didn't love eating meat so much. I'm going to try to cut it out of my diet. See.... It's not that I have a problem with eating meat, it's the way that the livestock are treated to reap the slab of meat on our dinner tables. I've heard about the videos that expose the dastardly treatment of the animals, but before yesterday, I've never actually seen one! I don't know about giving up dairy though. I can probably do without the meat, but the milk, eggs and cheese will be really tough to give up.I guess I could switch to the soy products. Until we stand up and thwart the demand, the abuse will continue.

I can already hear the abusers now "If we spend the extra money for anesthetics, the cost to the consumer will skyrocket"!
I'd be willing to pay the extra money for ethical and humane treatment, I'd just eat less meat. If you are prepared for a sad documentary, please click on the above link, if not, just know that it's not alright.

I'm going to attempt to get some Zzzzz's..........

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