What ever happend to our constitutional right to free speech!!!

This afternoon as I was reading all of my front page news articles, I came upon this story. You know, this is going to be a sticky situation since the school has left such a vague description. I'm sure it will be abused even further, because they are the ones to decide what "inapropriate" is.

"All students who participate in extra curricular activities, about 80 percent of the district's 3,200 students, will now be required to sign a pledge agreeing that evidence of illegal or inappropriate behavior posted on the Internet could be grounds for disciplinary action."

Come on parents, wake up, and take charge! Get involved in your childrens lives, and take interest in their school policy... You owe it to our founding fathers, and all of those that have shed blood, sweat and tears to secure our civil liberties! I am alarmed that more people aren't taking notice to the way our country seems to be moving more and more towards a dictatorship. Apparently, the education institutions have already been brainwashed, or infiltrated.
It really sickens me, I encourage each and every one of you who have school age children, to get a copy of the student handbook, and make sure you know what the student codes of conduct contain. It's your right and duty to have a say in the matter.....