Dinner at "Thai House Restaurant"

Tonight, Dave and I spent a few hours furniture shopping, and then dinner at Thai House Restaurant in Jacksonville, NC. Yum-O! I got Gai Pu Khao, and Dave got Mai Tai

Gai Pu Khao - Volcano Chicken. This is just a recipe I found online, not the one used by the restaurant!
I'm unable to locate a recipe for Dave's dish, but essentially it was scallops, shrimp and chicken with assorted veggies in a red curry sauce.
Both dishes were fabulous, it was the second time I've eaten at Thai House, third and forth dish I've tried there total. I've loved every one of them.
I wish there was an Asian market closer to our house. The closest one is over 20 miles away. I miss being able to get specialty products not carried at the American grocery stores. I also want to spend more time cooking different Asian styles. I love Chinese and Japanese cooking, but Thai is probably our favorite right now. The combination of curry, lemon grass, coconut milk and peanut is so very pleasing to our pallets. I'll try and add a few more recipes that Dave and I enjoy, eisier to archive favorites that way ;)