days off are bliss

Dave and I have now had a complete day off together, and it was great doing nothing we had to do, but only what we felt like doing.... investing in our Blog $hares Portfolio.... what can I say..... I B$ ing :) Now that I've made a little cash, I'll spend more time in the irc chat room #blogshares .
Or even posting in the forums more.

Wedding pic's

I know it's been a long time in posting. I actually had these pics processed 10.3.04. I must say, I love married life. I didn't realize what a difference it would make by saying those two magical words "I Do"......
My heart is so full of joy. I know that most people only dream about finding true love. I think I'll go and kiss my husband..... :)

Cake Exchange 9.25.2004 Posted by Hello

Kiss The Bride 9.25.2004 Posted by Hello