Smart Car from the UK on it's way on American roads!

Flashback...... September 2002

Dave and I went on vacation while working for Delta Airlines in September 2002. It was really great! We chose to travel around the anniversary of 9-11 because bookings were low, understandably, and we were pretty much garanteed a seat (as an airline employee, you fly for free, but on standby status!). We spent all of our time in London. It was my first trip to the UK, and I absolutely fell in love with the city.

For example...
People seemed to spend a lot more time outside.
Dave and I took a stroll through Hyde park, and you could rent lawn chairs by the hour! I also like the fact that for the most part, businesses seemed to follow a standard work day schedule so that the working class are able to spend the evenings with their families! I like the attitude that work is work, but family time is reality! That is what I strive for. To leave work behind at the end of the day, and enjoy living at home with my family!
There are a few more compact cars there too! considering the price of gasoline is even more outrageously priced than in the US!
Current National average for a gallon of gas in the US is : $2.32
In London, the average price for gas (petrol) is appx. 90 pence per litre(appx.$6.02 USD per gallon!)
The car that really left an impression on me, was the Smart Car. It's a compact 2 seater that is perfect in urban settings. I can't imagine how easy parallel parking is in this cute little car. As of now, there is only one US Distributer, Zap!. There's a great news article found here. I really can't wait to get my hands on one, I think I'll wait until the asking price comes down a little though...

Note: I started working on this post Jan. 2nd, but did not complete it until 2030 (8:30pm) Jan. 16. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things!