New Year = Healthier Me

Since my last post, a lot of things in my life have changed, and for the better. The year 2006 was a long and miserable one. I spent eight months going to school. January through March, I attended Carteret Community College to get my Certified Nurse Assistant I certification. I studied, then I returned in May for the Certified Nurse Assistant II certification, and finally graduated in late August. The down side is, I haven't as of yet been able to do anything with those certifications. To be a CNA means being able to help all of your patients, whether they can walk/sit/stand/roll over by themselves, or giving a helping hand when needed. My body just couldn't tolerate all of that, or being on my feet for hours at a time.

I finally got my health to a state where my gynecologist, Dr. D'Andrea finally preformed a TAH. That was November 16th. That was exactly eight weeks ago. I'm felling a lot better, and stronger too. I went to my family doctor, Dr. Salisbury on Monday (1.8.07)to have blood work drawn. Wednesday, I got a call from one of the girls in the office to set up an appointment for me, to go over my lab results. I thought, CRAP!!!! I've been watching what I eat, exercising daily, and have even lost twelve pounds in the last month! How can I have abnormal results!?!
I decided to drive to Dr. Salisbury's office because I would have worked myself into an ulcer waiting two days to see her! I asked for a copy of my Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and my Hemoglobin A1c to interpret the results for myself. I was relieved to find that the only area of concern was concerning my cholesterol level. My cholesterol has always been high, in fact, my total cholesterol number this year is roughly 15 points lower than it was this time last year. I am a bit concerned with the triglyceride reading of over 500! Normal range is 0-149.

As of today, I'm really buckling down, and eating a lot more brown rice and raw veggies. Gotta lay off the dairy, and most meat. I love both! Oh well if you are taking, or considering takingstatin drugs make sure to read the "Safety" section of this wiki article! I had a bad experience last year with Lovastatin, and will never willingly trust a statin again. In closing, I'd like to mention, if you are taking a statin drug, make sure to stop by your local drug/health food store and supplement your body with coenzyme Q10. It just may save you from myopathy or other non desirable long term ill effects.