Giving Up Meat

Well, I haven't given up meat completely, but I am finding it suprisingly easier than I would have imagined! Unless you have ever gone several days without meat, you probably won't understand this, but I feel lighter, more energized, and believe it or not happier! I'm not sure if it's because I'm paying more attention to protein, or perhaps because I'm eating more often. And as an added bonus, I'm lowering my caloric intake, getting more complex and less empty carbohydrates. I'm still eating fish, and eating/drinking dairy products, although in smaller amounts than before I decided to make the humane change, and cut out meat. One day I may go completely Vegan, but I'm so happy to feel and look more healthy.

Well, I must get ready to go to work, feel free to comment on your feelings pro/anti vegatarian. pro/anti anything else being discussed :)

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