Singing For Their Supper

I'ts amazing how well animals can train us... Our cat Einstein, knows how to sing for his supper. Nightly beginning at about 11pm, Einstein begins this pathetic whining that says, "I'm weak from hunger, and so cute and sweet... Won't you give me canned food?!". (actually, the cats know the canned food as "Special Kitty". (Wal Mart's name for their canned cat food).  When Einstein got a bit on the chunky side, we weaned all three cats off of the canned food, and only fed them dry. That was about 2 months ago. Last week however, Dave and I purchased a dry food that Einstein has repeatedly protested to eating, so yesterday, we broke down, and gave him a special treat, "Special Kitty"! Now the singing and begging has started all over again. As long as the animals are happy, harmony is the normal balance in our house :)

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