I Hate Working On My Car!!!

Today started well enough. Woke up, felt great, and anticipated doing a little auto maintenance. Yesterday, when my beautiful 1985 Subaru (with 487,000 miles on it!) wouldn't start, I decided to pull the battery and alternator, and have them both tested at the local auto part store. Both failed their tests and had to be replaced. No problem.... It took about 15 minutes to pull both parts OFF the car, so it should only take a few minutes to replace both today, right? Wrong answer!!! 3 hours later, after replacing both battery and alternator and the cable connectors that attach to the battery, the damn thing still won't start!!! I've had it, I will never work on the car again, I'd rather pay the mechanic his 60 bucks an hour to do it for me... In fact he probably under charges me!!! The next time you take your car into the shop for your mechanic to break his or her back from leaning over the engine and busting his or her knuckles trying to get to that one stubborn bolt, be kind to him or her.... and be thankful it's not you. I have never wanted to break something so much!!! If there are any mechanics that happen to read this post, thank you for all you do to make peoples lives less stressful and hectic.

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