Which Political Party Are They Affiliated With (North Carolina) !?!

If you live in North Carolina, or were wondering about political affiliation of your: self, friend, boss, neighbor, teacher, student, religious leader etc. you can find out here. Make sure and change the boxes to the right of the first/last name to either search for exact or partial name. for instance, if you're not sure if the person might be registered as Jim or James Doe, search for J Doe and change the first name box to >begins with. Make sure to narrow your search by county if you know which to choose.

This site has been a great tool for me also to verify that my own info is displayed correctly, which it is not, and I'm not too happy about that right now. I did my legal name change in December of 2005, renewed my driver's license, and was asked by the DMV officer if I wanted to keep my political affiliation the same, I responded yes, so that should have been it, right? Wrong! I went to vote in the primaries
5/02/2006 and of course they had to find me by my maiden name! While I was there, I filled out a new voter registation card with my married, and legal name. Here it is a month later and they STILL have my registration as Tiffiney Paar! I wrote them at their website email address today, to try one more time before getting angry, and I hope to have this matter resolved shortly.

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