Star Wars Stars

Okay, I had to embed this video, so as to never lose the link! Also wanted to get my family interested in reading my blog again. ;) I know that my sister and brother-in-law are both Star Wars fans. I can remember when my sister was just a little girl (4ish), helping her get ready for the day, I'd say, "How do you want to wear your hair today, Sheryl?" She would usually say, "In Princess Leia braids, Sissy!" Time sure does fly. Sheryl is now grown woman, with a wonderful son, and she is expecting her second child in December. (There is no doubt in my mind that she'll have a beautiful baby girl, with extremely curly hair, and she'll be a handful, just like her Aunt Tiffiney!). Sorry Sheryl, it's not a curse, but a blessing. :D Just think of all the years of fun ahead keeping up with her! :P
I hope you enjoyed the video :)

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