Ode to the Power of Cow Dung

I was reading Happy News this morning, and came across this article. Wow! Read the complete article, they even extract vanillan from this wondrous poo to add fragrance to our shampoo and such! I read snippets of the article to My Love Dave, and I was all like "eewwww! I don't know that I want to smear vanilla scented shampoo through my hair, knowing that it came from cow dung!". Dave pointed out that I probably already do.... Sad but true...... who knows where those pleasing aromatic scents that we love so much REALLY come from...... In any case, it's nice to know that there is yet another source for auto fuel.
I almost wish I lived in a more rural area, and could ride a horse! More fun, less maintenance. How much healthier we would all be with the increased exercise and fresh air! The pollution levels would plummet, asthmatic children could play outside without going into smog induced respiratory arrest! Think about the reprieve from noise pollution!
Sure we would have to get up earlier to get to work, but without that extra $20,000 expense every few years for a new automobile, plus the thousands of dollars for insurance and maintenance! Geez people could spend more quality time with their familes, they would need to make less money to keep up with the Jones's!
How exciting, I think I almost have myself convinced!
Oh well, what a nice dream. Have a beautiful weekend all!

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