My first day as a student at Carteret General Hospital

Yesterday was the first official day as a CNA 1 student at the hospital. Keiko and I were paired up to shadow the CNA on duty on the 2nd floor. Keiko and I were happy to get a little experience taking vital signs, making beds (changing linens, and interacting with the patients seemed to make them and us feel better. The pace was a little slower than I expected. The staff were friendly and helpful, but I still noticed a few things that weren't done according to procedure. I don't really want to go into it here, because I don't know who might read this post. I will say that the individuals in question have probably transported a few unfriendly germs home to their families by letting basic infection control fall by the wayside. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, and I think I will probably seek employment at this hospital once I am certified.
The only down side I see is the 12 hour shifts. They are great for the alternating long weekends, but are going to be very difficult when I start my CNA 2 class. The shifts run from 7 to 7 (am/pm) 2 days on, 3 off, 3 on, 2 off. When classes begin for CNA 2, they are 8 hour classes, one day a week for appx. 4 months. I just can't see how I'll manage to work a 12 hour shift, and then sit in a class for 8 hours, knowing that I have 4 hours to sleep before repeating my 12 hour shift the following day. Fortunately, The hospital is directly across the street from the college building that I will attend classes in. Who knows, I may be able to get PRN work for a few months, and work 8 hour shifts until I achieve my CNA 2. I'm just so anxious to get started! I can't even apply for the job until I take my final exam in April!

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Elaine said...

Hi Tiffiney, keep up the good work. I am very proud of you. I wish there were more people like you to go into nursing and who really care about the people they are taking care of. I enjoy your blog.