Progressive Care Unit (PCU) and Pepsi Americas' Sail 2006

Yesterday, I spent four hours during my clinical rotation in the PCU. The PCU is one of my first loves, I hope to have my ear to the ground, learning new and inovative procedures for the prevention and treatment of heart disease. I'm sincerely hoping that when I graduate in August, I'll be hired on in either the PCU, or the ER. Yesterday, I was fortunate to work with an incredible CNA, and great nurses! The floor was short handed, with only two CNA's and one of them working as a sitter with a disoriented patient, so I got the opprotunity to actually work on the floor giving basic patient care, answering call lights, giving bed baths, assessing wounds and interacting with the friendly, and knowlegeable nursing staff at Carteret General Hospitaland was actually called to D/C a Foley Catheter. Not that the procedure is difficult, but I was trully grateful for the practice and experience. I know that the patient was thrilled to get rid of the catherter, it was the final step before he was discharged, and on his way home! I still love being a part of the medical profession! I don't see that changing anytime in the near future.

On to local happenings and events, Pepsi Americas' Sail 2006 is underway, and I'm excited to visit Beaufort, NC to see all the tall ships in person. I hope to snap a few pictures, and spend a few hours with Dave relaxing! :) Posted by Picasa

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