I passed my finals!!! Yay!

I went to class today and took my state board test for the CNA 1 test, and aced it with a 91%. Not only that, we had to demonstrate 5 patient skills.

I got these five:

1. Giving a partial bed bath.
2. Putting on/ Taking off TED hose.
3. Moving a patient up in bed.
4. Applying a nonsterile dressing.
5. Emptying a urinary drainage bag.

Okay, so it's not rocket science, but the one skill with the least amount of steps was #4 (nonsterile dressing) with 19 steps from start to finish. I was really nervous, because to miss a step, would have meant that I would have had to try again without studying my notes, and I can't tell you how many brain farts I had, where I just blanked out. I actually had to close my eyes and mentally walk myself through each step a few times. I was really worried about taking the skills test section, and it didn't help that I picked up a few extra 12 hour shifts last week, which really cut into study time. I actually had nightmares last night... I kept dreaming that I totally blanked out and forgot everything, and was unable to graduate with my class ( scheduled for 04-13-06).... Needless to say, I passed! I think I may turn in early tonight, and get a good night sleep! :)

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