Video Blogging

I've been Googling and have found quite a few great video blogs. Now I'm contemplating adding video to my blog as well. Why not? I believe that Emerald Isle, NC, my hometown, is the most beautiful place in the continetal US. That's why Dave and I chose here to make our home.... I want to share the beauty of the SOBX (Southern Outer Banks) with all of you. I really hope that each and every one of you are as proud and feel as strongly about the place you call home. Check out the link to Dylan Verdi-The World's Youngest Video Blogger.> Also, check out her dad's blog Michael's Video Blog.

Well, I'm still feeling a little run down, so I'll let ya'll know soon how the video blog idea is panning out for me.

Peace and Love,

Island TIffiney

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Sage said...

Interesting. I didn't even know video blogging existed. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!