High Blood Pressure and PCOS

I haven't been feeling too well, for the past month now. I'm sick and tired of being sick... and tired. I stopped by my doctor's office yesterday, to schedule an appointment, and YIKES!!!!, my blood pressure was through the roof! I have been treating high blood pressure with medication for the past year and a half now, and the doc wants to adjust my dosage of Atacand. Today, she asked me how I was doing with my PCOS treatment (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which I see an endocrinologist for, and I made a startling discovery. I don't think I'll ever go back to see the endocrinologist. I think the medical treatment for PCOS is way over rated. First of all, I've seen her for about a year now.... If there are any women out there that see a doc for PCOS beware of the treatments....

1. your goal is to get your weight within goal range, and keep it there!!
( I STILL need to lose around 40 pounds)

2. You are treated for insulin resistance.
( In my case, that includes taking the diabetic drug Metformin HCL)

3. You begin the diabetic low carb/ no sugar diet.

4. Your lipid panel SHOULD be drawn bare minimum twice a year.

Well, after following the endocrinologists recommendations for a year, I'm worse off than I was last year before treatment. I have gained 10 pounds! My trygicerides are WAY high, and so is my cholesterol (it was around 205 before treatment, but is over 230 now!)

Excuse me, shouldn't I be getting/feeling better, not worse!

Today my family doctor prescribed a drug to assist with weight loss, increased my dose of Atacand, and wants to see me back in 2 weeks.

I hate complaining about my health, but I'm at my wits end, 34 is too young to feel like an old lady.

Hopefully naturopathy has a few better choices of treatment. I'm not looking for a wonder drug, I just want to feel good for a change.

I'll post updates as they become available, when I find which natural minerals/vitamins help....

(notice I said When.... that's the optimist in me ;) )

That's it for now, so keep on bloggin'


Sage said...

Hey Tiffiney,

For cholesterol, try Carlson Lab's Super Omega-3 Fish Oil http://www.carlsonlabs.com/product_detail.phtml?prodid=10012879

No, I'm not a share-holder or whatever. It's helped with my cholesterol. Why Carlson Labs? Well, there's no mercury in that fish oil. They test.

My doc says to take three of these a day (with meals), and also to take magnesium and a daily vitamin.

She also recommends having some ground flax seed daily. It's pretty yummy on a peanut butter sandwich and I hear it's great in oatmeal (I never touch the stuff!).

Let's see. Ooh, here's a great post about some health issues we share (no PCOS for me, thank the goddess!):


Best of luck!

Island Tiffiney said...

Thanks Sage. I started the omega3. I've been supplementing my magnesium and vit C for some time now. I appreciate the advice! checking out your link now :)